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Monitor your competitors

Keep an eye on the competition, find out the instant they make changes online – you could know about changes before they do!

Monitor your websites

Ensure efficient service and uninterrupted access for your employees, customers, vendors and partners.

Customize settings and manage tracking data

Customize settings to track an entire website, selected sections or specific web pages. Focus on crucial information and reduce confusing “data noise.” You choose the level of scrutiny.

Customize data output

Download visualized data reports, receive updates via email and more. Connect to your critical data efficiently & conveniently.



SORGE makes business intelligence of competitor sites simple and effective. Enjoy premium functionality from a monitoring tool that is professional and easy to use.

With SORGE you receive website monitoring, tracking and data management all under one roof, including customization options and professional convenience features.


  • Track web pages, site maps, meta tags and more
  • Maximum automation
  • Monitor content on an entire website, section or web page
  • Monitor files for text or type changes
  • Track crawled subpages and subdomains
  • Maximum data functionality reduces information noise
  • Collect a history of changes
  • View immediate changes to website text
  • Track & view new pages, removed pages and redirects
  • Monitor meta data: keyword changes, descriptions and page titles
  • Full data visualization and modern interface
  • Email notifications and download reports
  • No installation necessary, all operations performed from the SORGE servers
  • FREE registration, support and documentation



SORGE is the best way for you to stay informed and aware of changes on the web that could impact your business. 24/7 monitoring and in-depth data tools allow you to leverage the power of Big Data.


SORGE Service Plans

Here's the easiest part. SORGE offers two service plans to choose from: FREE forever, or just about a penny per page if you have professional volume needs.


$ 0

and forever free
for anyone


$ 9

for 800 pages
per month

SORGE service plans are incredibly affordable and if you're still not sure, you can start with our FREE TRIAL – we think you'll appreciate the incredible functionality, performance and convenience benefits of SORGE.

Put website monitoring & tracking at your fingertips with SORGE!

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