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SORGE accelerates your victory over your competitors. It is a simple and effective tool for marketing specialists and managers that helps extract the most useful information about the activities of competitors by tracking changes on their websites.

Automate analysis

Now, you can be immediately alerted about changes to prices and product descriptions, services, the launch of new sales promotions and much more... All you need to do is provide SORGE with the link to your competitor's website.

Super simple tool

The system allows you to track changes on websites of any size. It presents information about changes visually and includes a mechanism to reduce "noise," avoiding information overload. It tracks changes to the structure of a given website and the state of its web pages. The settings can be customized. The tool produces clear, analytical reports. SORGE is a business intelligence system for monitoring competitor websites.

Simple pricing

Registration and monitoring of 800 web pages are completely free of charge during the first 14 days of use. Then you can either choose free subscription that allows you to track changes on 30 web pages, or you can pay for a subscription to a greater number of pages to be monitored.


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